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KOCHI: Sweets, exotic bars, tangy marmalade, hazelnut mendiants and pralines infused with various flavors make up the house chocolate brand ‘Sacher Chocolatiere. For 29-year-old Sukanya Thankachan, tickling every taste bud in the city with her vibrant chocolates made from pure couverture and natural ingredients is a sweet mission.

This chocolate maker gives a little twist to its results by adding seasonal and classic flavors including mango chili, milk chocolate jackfruit, strawberry, salted caramel, hazelnut, dark chocolate coffee and chocolate. lemon in white chocolate. As no preservatives are added to the chocolates, the shelf life of the products is a maximum of three weeks.

“Synthetic flavors are available in the market which is much easier and faster, but I don’t like compromising the quality of their products with these quick strategies. Instead, we make compost by cooking the natural ingredients at home, adding fresh toppings with the perfect balance of flavor, texture and simple beauty to her chocolates, ”explains Sukanya.

Besides chocolates, Sukanya’s marmalades also consist of a plethora of natural ingredients: “If it is orange marmalade, we carefully cook the orange pulp and tear the skin off the fruit, which gives the impression of actually having the fruit, ”adds Sukanya.

Sacher was pretty flamboyant with his heart, hemisphere, cylinder, domed, exotic center filling candy designed with imported vibrant edible colors. “Infusing flavored fresh toppings into different sized frozen candies is not something you can find in stores. This is what sets Sacher apart from the rest. Only a person who is expert in chocolate can work on the cover, ”explains Sukanya.

Flavored toppings aren’t limited to candy. “Depending on customer preferences, toppings are also added to exotic white / milk chocolate bars nestled in dried fruits and nuts. Sukanya became a chocolate maker after being trained by her husband, Rahul Dev, a pastry chef, whose region of interest is chocolates.

“I have never been passionate about any form of cooking, it is the work of my husband that intrigued me to make these exquisite recipes known to the world through the brand Sacher Chocolatiere, named after our son”, explains Sukanya. The latest collections of hazelnut and peanut butter filled Easter eggs have received a lot of positive reviews as this was the first time for many to have Easter eggs filled.
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