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No cool day is complete without our hot chocolate buddy. A heartwarming cup of tea will warm you from the inside out on colder days and leave you with a smile on your dial (and maybe a milk mustache). Whether it’s a thick, indulgent Italian blend or a light, silky brew, sipping hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm up those cold days.

Here’s where to enjoy Auckland’s best hot chocolate.

Honest chocolate

Commercial Bay, Matakana

A boutique specializing in artisanal chocolates is surely a good place to buy hot chocolate, right? Honest chocolate, who started life in Matakana and now has a store in Commercial Bay, serves up a really great version of the treat made from your choice of plain or spicy chocolate and homemade marshmallows, which you can even sip from a cup of edible cookie. As an aside, you can also get your hands on some pretty epic choc-tails (it’s a chocolate mocktail, for the uninitiated), as well as some cocoa tea, say what? See their shows The Volcano and The Macaduka meet here.

House Of Chocolate Dessert Cafe

Takapuna, beach paradise

With a name like House of Chocolate, it’s only fitting that these guys make great hot chocolate. Made from 53% liquid dark couverture chocolate, this is the real deal and exactly the way we love them: with real chocolate. To mix things up, add a touch of flavor. Think peppermint, orange, hazelnut, or gingerbread. If you like your hot chocolate as a dessert, they have hot chocolate pudding aka chocolate fondant with a gooey center drizzled with ganache. Come into our bellies.

A man pours decadent flossing hot chocolate at Elisabeth, one of Auckland's best hot chocolate shops.Elisabeth


Tucked away in the streets of Kingsland is this little gem called Elisabeth. The cozy dessert lounge may seem small, but make no mistake as they serve up a whole bunch of epic treats and their hot chocolates never fail to impress. They have an entire section of the menu dedicated to this glorious drink. Choose from dark chocolate, salted caramel, dental floss (above), or Aztec spices. Their specialty is s’mores hot chocolate – a velvety, decadent, smooth and rich chocolate topped with a generous pile of chocolate shavings and a roasted marshmallow to put the icing on top.

Bohemein fresh chocolates


Things go to the next level at Bohemia, where you will find a rather long list of hot chocolates. Want some fruit? They have orange and raspberry. Something crazy? They have amaretto and hazelnut praline. Something spicy? They have chili, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon. However, the drink that turns us on the most is hot brandy chocolate, which is wonderfully festive and the perfect tonic for a harsh winter day, or any day we can think of.

Miann's smoked hot chocolate all lined up on a tray.


Britomart, Fort St and Morningside

If you want to experience hot chocolate in a whole new way, you must visit Miann. These guys take the beloved bevvy to amazing new levels, whether it’s with novelty flavors like their dulce de leche (basically Caramilk in a mug), or Wonka-esque experiences like their deconstructed smoked hot chocolate (a sort Edible Science Experiment) – all made from their own chocolate. Plus, if you visit their Morningside branch, you can enjoy your drink in one of their beautiful Wintergarden glass houses. If there are any hot chocolate goals, this is it.

Cazador delicatessen

Mount Eden

Cazador might not be the first place you would think of for hot chocolate, but truth be told, they are some of the best in Auckland. Stop by their delicatessen in Mt Eden for a rich and fruity infusion made with real dark chocolate (no cocoa powder), sourced from Foundry Chocolate in Matakana. You can even buy a packet of sweet products to make your own Cazador-style drink at home.

Three hot shocks at the Chocolate Boutique Café.Chocolate Boutique Coffee


If you love your thick hot chocolate, look no further than Chocolate Boutique Café’s Italian denso. “Denso” translates to “dense” or “thick” and there’s no better word to describe this bad boy – he’s so thick you could probably put your spoon in it. It is topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. For a spicy touch, order the chili denso, it’s one of our favorites. Alternatively, browse their huge selection of hot chocolates in all the flavor combinations known to man, such as creme de menthe, viennese chocolate creme and chocolate death pictured above – you will be blown away.

Restaurant decor


Located in historic Lopdell House (this place is beautiful), Deco Eatery knows a thing or two about hot drinks. First, they blend their own espresso on the spot to brew heavenly coffee. Second, their hot chocolates come with a Whittaker stick. You can choose if you want white, milk or dark chocolate and then it’s up to you to stir in your hot drink. Being a Turkish restaurant, your drink is also served with a square of Turkish delight, tu meke.

Where to sip Auckland's best hot chocolateCrunchTower Desserts and Drinks


Formerly known as Casa Del Gelato, CrunchTourthe name may have changed but their desserts and drinks stay on, in fact, they just got even better. Served in a glass wrapped in cotton candy, you not only get a drink worthy of a gram, but a drink that takes sweetness to new heights.

Little Bird Kitchen


Just because you’re a dairy-free kid doesn’t mean you’re missing out on the benefits of hot chocolate. Fear not, Little Bird is supporting you. Their spicy hot chocolate features organic spices, raw cocoa and almond milk. It’s so spicy so, rest assured, it will warm you up on the colder days. They also have a cup of raw cocoa which has hot almond milk and a stick of raw chocolate. Watch with delight as the chocolate melts in a chocolate wonderland. If you are looking for an out of body experience, their cup of magic mushrooms is not to be missed.

Valrhona hot chocolate at Rosie's in Parnell.Rosie


Constructed hot chocolates are fun, but have you tried deconstructed hot chocolate? Nope? Well, you better bring your booty to Rosie to try their Valrhona hot chocolate or salted caramel offerings. You will be served a glass of milk accompanied by a carafe of thick hot chocolate to pour into your drink. It comes with brownie pieces that you can either snack on as they are or add to your bevvy (we suggest you make the latter).


Path K ‘

Do you want to drink your hot chocolate from an edible cookie mug covered with caramel and chocolate, the same size as a pie? Who are we kidding, of course you are. Well now you can, thanks to the PieFee, a breathtaking creation available from the K ‘Rd bakery of the same name. Choose from a number of epic flavor options including Oreo, sprinkles, chocolate sticks, gingerbread, and coconut, then fill it with your favorite hot bevvy. We suggest you browse the entire menu until you find which of these bad boys is the best …

A delicious hot chocolate from Winona ForeverWinona forever


Winona Forever doesn’t just offer one hot chocolate on its menu, but four. Depending on your mood, our friends from Winona can put you in touch. If you’re feeling like a rich hot chocolate who doesn’t mess around, dark chocolate is the way to go. Fancy something a little sweeter? Then white coconut chocolate is for you. But if you want the real deal at Winona, go for the peanut butter chocolate and take on the challenge of a new level of liquid pleasure.

Takapuna Beach Cafe


There are deconstructed hot chocolates to enjoy at Takapuna Beach Café. There are two DIY hot chocolate options: chocolate or salted caramel with chocolate. Expect to be served a cup of rich 60% chocolate ganache with a carafe of steamed milk and a side of chocolate chunks. They also have frozen chocolate options which include the cafe’s award-winning ice cream.

A white hot chocolate at The Shelf on High StreetThe shelf

Great street

Not only does The Shelf on High Street have adorable decor, but their hot chocolates also deserve special recognition. Make sure to order the ‘special hot chocolate’, (emphasis on the special) as this beauty comes out with steamed frothy milk, a hit of melted chocolate on the side you control and a Whittaker bar you use as shaker, pair it with one of their cabinet treats for a combination of sweet perfection. For something a little different, one of their white hot chocolates (pictured above) is not to be missed.

Dear Jervois

Herne Bay

Give it all up, because Unicorn hot chocolate exists and you will find it at Dear Jervois in Herne Bay. They’ll bring some magic to your next drink with their epic Unicorn White Hot Chocolate, designed to froth you up with its whimsical combo of brightly colored sprinkles, marshmallows, and even an edible ‘unicorn horn’ (also at marshmallow base). Plus, like everything at Dear Jervois, it tastes pretty darn delicious. So, are you ready to hunt rainbows?

Are you looking for something a little more substantial? Discover Auckland’s best late-night desserts.

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