Bengaluru Smoor’s luxury chocolate brand recently opened in Chennai and we are in dessert heaven

Intense Chocolate 70% Slice

The luxury chocolate brand from Bengaluru Smoor recently opened a boutique in Chennai. Bright and cheerful with an assortment of pastries, chocolates and macaroons, the Express Avenue Mall kiosk is the first of many to come next year, says founder and CEO Vimal Sharma. We munch on a macaroon with a smooth center of Himalayan salt and caramel as he tells us, “We plan to open four to six stores next year, in a mix of malls and in a few big ones. stores.

Lemon meringue macaroon

Much like our tasting, this is just the start we are discovering. “We also plan to launch our signature Smoor lounge in the city,” says Vimal. Right now, however, desserts are only a take-out option, so we decide to wrap the slice of intense 70 percent chocolate that we’ve been watching for some time. The chocolate section on its own is quite varied with options such as couverture chocolate gift boxes (which range from six to 64), chocolate bars (cashew and curry), drinking chocolate (Hot Chocolate Mocha Stir It Up) and snack chocolate (55% Vegan Dark Bites). ).

Slice of peanut butter and hazelnut jelly cheesecake

Last in the healthy snacks section we tasted last year was their immunity-boosting feel-good bark with the goodness of amla and tulsi. And for that, it is clear that for Vimal, expansion and experimentation go hand in hand. “Our goal remains innovation and it will continue,” he says. We end our sweet date with a slice of peanut butter jelly and hazelnut cheesecake that’s soft and creamy with just a kiss of peanut butter to keep you in love.

Available to take out in store or order online.

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