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Pune: As Christmas approaches, the popular bakeries that dot Camp are a real eye-catcher.
In a quiet lane parallel to MG Road, customers crowd around Husseny Bakery for Christmas treats. “People have become more health conscious now. The demand for egg-free cakes has increased and we have introduced new varieties to meet the same demand. Last year, we partnered with online delivery services. But this year, we are happy that customers are coming to the bakery. Most of our regular customers are seniors, who were at higher risk last year before the vaccination campaigns and all, but now we’re happy to see them visit the bakery, ”said Yusuf Mirdehghan, who took over the business. store management. from his father who opened the bakery in 1932.
Less than a km away, all roads lead to Kayani Bakery. “The crowds are more or less like that all year round, even though people buy more at Christmas. We offer regular varieties, there are no variations. Dark chocolate muffins, mawa cake, madiera cake, chocolate and nut cakes are popular favorites, ”said the security guard posted at the entrance.
Mohit Kale, standing in line for over 30 minutes to get his fix of baked goods for the week, said, “We have guests at home visiting us from other towns for Christmas. They love Pune’s cakes and cookies so much that they asked me to collect some cakes so that they could bring them back with them, ”he said.
The oldest of all, Royal Bakery, founded in the early 1900s, has customers who order plum cakes wholesale. “The plum cake is delicate, some places are too dry, others too fuzzy. The royal bakery understood this well. We collect loose plum cakes to give to family and friends during Christmas, ”said Dina Bakhtayar.
Further away from the group of bakeries in Camp, another popular destination to get a fix of Christmas goodies is Diamond Bakery in Fatima Nagar. “We have introduced mini varieties of plum and fruit cakes, as well as a range of special Christmas chocolates in different shapes and sizes,” said a bakery employee.
For diabetics and pets
While your regular bakery might not have a variety of festive sugar-free, gluten-free, or dairy-free sweets, home bakers and other confectioners specialize in such preparations.
Megha Agarwal, Founder of Bake Pure, a cloud-based confectionery, said: “We offer individual cakes as well as gift sets consisting of cookies, chocolates, brownies and cakes made without any refined ingredients like maida or sugar. . The goodies are made from wheat, jaggery and do not contain alcohol. However, this is not suitable for diabetics, for whom we offer sugar-free cakes. We also offer vegan and gluten-free varieties of plum cakes.
AIKA Delicacies in Koregaon Park offers a range of diabetic-friendly treats such as Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Nut Cake, among others, no premix, no sugar or preservatives, and low-carb chocolates. “Moderation is the key for diabetics. While sugar-free cakes are best for people with this condition, we still need to stay moderate while cutting ourselves a slice, ”said one customer.
You can also include your pet in the festive frenzy with a raging pet treats. Sonal Zalkikar, Founder of Petfeast, said: “We offer a Christmas cake replacing it with pet friendly ingredients such as dried strawberries, apples, bananas, carrots and coconut cookies. in various Christmas-themed shapes, meatloaf and special holiday meals, which are made with lamb and liver pudding for dessert.


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