Carrier PH stimulates the senses, emphasizes a commitment to a healthy, safe and comfortable home life at “Invisible Event”


Carrier Philippines today launched its new message “The Science of Indoor Living” at its uniquely organized “Invisible Event” that provided attendees with a full sensory experience, highlighting Carrier’s commitment to bringing life to life. healthier, safer and more comfortable home in the new normal.

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Carrier, the global air care expert, demonstrated the power of the invisible – Carrier’s technology and solutions that work behind the scenes to optimize conditions and filter out pollutants, allergens and pathogens just as invisible – playing on the senses of the audience.

To this end, PR kits containing items chosen for their sensory impact, including a pasture box containing foods such as dark chocolate bark and ground coffee, microfiber towels, scent sprays. vanilla and UV flashlights, were sent to a shortlist of participants.

When attendees registered for the event, they saw a specially designed studio set by Moss Design House, similar to a regular talk show but devoid of hosts or guests. To enhance the sensory impact, said ensemble remained static throughout the event, while hosts Anne Asis and Show Suzuki interacted with attendees via voiceover only.

Anne and Show walked attendees through four sections of the event, prompting attendees to use particular items in their PR kits at specific times to scale up key sensory experiences, and explaining the science behind each, to provide information to attendees that would improve their home life while also highlighting how Carrier products could contribute to such outcomes.

The first section, “The Science of Better Learning,” discussed how external factors such as music, food, and ambient temperature can affect cognitive function, increase brain activity, and improve overall productivity. Classical music and chocolates were recognized for their ability to refine concentration and enhance learning, and Carrier air conditioners were also mentioned for their ability to achieve the optimum productivity temperature of 22-25 degrees Celsius.

“The Science of Refreshing and Relaxing Worry-Free Sleep,” the second section focuses on comfort and relaxation. Anne and Show stressed the importance of high quality relaxing sleep and how it can be achieved through clean air and optimal temperature maintenance, that Carrier air conditioners like the reliable and economical Crystal 2 Inverter are in the right place. to reach. Hosts further emphasized the virtues of a comfortable home environment by highlighting the touch through soft-touch materials like microfiber and the scent through the scent of vanilla. They showed how users can rely on Carrier’s economical XPower Gold 3 and its Ultrafresh filter, which absorbs and breaks down smoke, ammonia and volatile organic compounds while preventing the growth of bacteria and viruses. .

The third section, “The Science of Safer Breathing,” focuses on clean air and how air quality affects more than just breathing: smell and taste interact and the quality of air. air can affect mood and even show up on the skin. Anne and Show have revealed that indoor air pollution can be up to ten times higher than outdoors, thanks to inadequate indoor exhaust and ventilation and the build-up of volatile organic compounds or VOCs. resulting. Carrier is well positioned to help ensure indoor air quality, as its air purifier incorporates three-stage filters to effectively trap pollutants and allergens, and UV-C light to kill harmful pathogens. Because certain scents such as coffee can improve mood and memory, the distinctive scent of coffee beans helped convey the learnings in this section.

“Invisible Science” was the fourth and final section. In it, guests used ultraviolet light to reveal a concealed code that unlocked a special discount, inside their PR kits. Guests realized that while they were watching a static set for the duration of the event, Carrier’s air conditioning and XPower Gold air purifier had filtered and cooled the air in the room the entire time.

These findings helped this launch event underscore Carrier’s commitment to providing technology that makes homes healthier, safer and more comfortable, while remaining invisible and discreet despite reliable full-time background work.

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Founded in January 1998, Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company brings together two leaders in the air conditioning industry: Carrier Corporation of the United States and Concepcion Industries, Inc. of the Philippines. In just a few short years, CCAC has grown from manufacturing window room air conditioners to being the market leader in virtually every category of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and services across the country.

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