Exciting New Chocolate Flavors Available In The Donington Shop



A couple’s passion for food brought a fresh and exciting touch to a village.

Ash Anderson and Samantha Anderson-Hewie have been working on new premium chocolate flavors for their Donington store.

The boutique is an attractive new extension of Market Place, offering fine sweets with – to come – ice cream, hot chocolate and cakes.

Ash Anderson outside the Hewies Chocolate Factory in Donington. (45088230)

It had only been opened briefly in its new premises when the November lockdown hit.

“We opened on October 31, Halloween,” Ash said. “We were open for five days and prepared around 70 to 80 boxes of chocolate and 3,000 chocolates. We worked until midnight.

While the couple were cleared to trade from the store during the last lockdowns, and did so briefly in January, they have decided to shut down again and wait until they can fully open, hopefully April 12.

Hewie chocolates.  (45268864)
Hewie chocolates. (45268864)

For now, Ash and Samantha are busy bringing new flavors to their approved home kitchen and offering Easter treats to order through their Facebook page.

Ash also used the time to decorate the store, including creating a new vintage-looking counter by recycling the doors of an old cabinet, ready for a full reopening.

“It all started because we were looking for something to do with food,” Ash explained.

“And the passion grew. We started about four years ago by having a Christmas market at the Gosberton village hall where we made chocolates and cupcakes.

Hewie chocolates.  (45268868)
Hewie chocolates. (45268868)

“We then did some big shows, including the Blenheim Palace Flower Show. We are self-taught from books and YouTube.

The couple had a store two or three years ago in a former stable in Donington, but needed alternative premises.

“We did the outdoor craft market in Donington and then found this store to rent. It was Ali Carrett’s (home furnishings).

Hewie chocolates.  (45268860)
Hewie chocolates. (45268860)

The couple buy a high-quality couverture chocolate which they use in their creations.

“Our flavors include mint fondue, salted caramel, coconut fondue, baci (which means kisses in Italian), gingerbread caramel and regular caramel. We have about 30 flavors in total and that is expanding. We like to have different things to try.

“It’s the pleasure of doing something you love and seeing other people enjoy it too.”

Son Raphael (15) also hopes to follow the couple in the company and begins training to learn the trade.

“We make all the ice cream ourselves,” added Ash. “We’re just perfecting it. They will be accompanied by chocolate couverture. The ice cream will contain real chocolate.

You can find Hewie is on Facebook.


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