Glazed Edibles brings the art of chocolate to cannabis, in partnership with actor Jim Belushi | To eat


“One thing we want to point out,” Hutto said, “is that these are entirely separate businesses. Ice cream shop is its own thing – you won’t find frozen edibles in these stores.”

Still, there is some cross-pollination. Bill Copeland, the world-class chocolatier who founded Glacier Confection, helped develop some of the recipes for chocolates sold under the Glazed Edibles brand, and the products in appearance resemble some of the iconic truffles Glacier Confection is known for.

“Brewing chocolate adds a few extra steps to the process,” Mabrey said. “But otherwise, it doesn’t affect the way the chocolate itself is made. And making chocolate, we learned very quickly, is not an easy thing to do. I’ve spoken with some of the best chefs in town, and they say they try to avoid working with chocolate, because it’s such a delicate thing.

“On the plus side, we’ve also learned that chocolate is actually a great base for edibles,” Mabrey said. “Cannabis, when cooked, really connects with other fats, like those in chocolate.”

Frozen edibles are available at the Emerald Gallery and other local dispensaries. As with all of these products, they can only be purchased by those who have an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority card.

“We are looking to have the Glazed Edibles brand in 10 more states by the end of this year,” Hutto said.

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