Hôtel Chocolat: How to choose the best selection box of chocolates to give as a gift


A selection box of chocolate makes a great gift. But which one will your recipient like the most?

So, you have decided to give chocolate as a gift. Good choice! Luxurious, high quality chocolate is the perfect gift to cheer me up. In addition, it is suitable for almost any recipient and any occasion. That being said, you still have a lot of options when it comes to choosing your gift. From chocolate baskets and cabinets to small bags and plates, a wide range of cocoa delicacies awaits you! To make things a bit easier for you, we’re here to give you some advice. Read on for our guide on choosing the best chocolate selection box for every recipient and every occasion.


The perfect chocolate selection box? Start by knowing who will receive it …

Whether you are shopping for your wife, boyfriend, parents, coworkers, or just your best friend, choosing the right box for them is important. Of course, the best box will be the one that suits their chocolate tastes, so if you have inside information on that, use it!

If they like white chocolate, choose a box centered around light, creamy treats. Do they just love milk chocolate? Treat them to a full selection with 40% cocoa and exciting toppings. What if they prefer the dark side? You know what to do …

If you are unsure of their preferences, we recommend some of the following options:

The partners

If you’re shopping for your wife, girlfriend, or partner, check out our Gifts for Her collection. Here you will find a selection of goodies that she is sure to love.

Our Everything Sleekster Luxe has something to satisfy any chocolate craving, while our Tipsy Alcoholic Truffles have a wonderfully boozy kick! We recommend that you go for a wide range so that she can choose her favorite bites.

Need the perfect box of chocolates for your husband or boyfriend? Check out our Gifts for Him for a carefully curated selection of options. If you’re looking for something a little more interesting than plain milk chocolates, take a look at our Seasonal Sleekster, Patisserie Luxe and Marzipan Chocolate Box.



If you are looking for a complete gift to fill your mom with love and affection, we have what you need: our classic wardrobe. This is a collection of 59 chocolates and cookies with milk, white and dark chocolate.

Such a glorious collection is guaranteed to melt your heart. Plus, she’ll love taking it out to give her friends a snack when they drop by for coffee.


Dads deserve chocolate treats too! In our experience, some fathers tend to know exactly the chocolates they like and the ones they don’t. If your old man has strong preferences, fear not. You’ll find the perfect box of chocolates in our Gifts for Dad collection.

Whether he prefers chocolate and ginger, dark chocolate and mint truffles, or something very dark, we’ll have the perfect gift for him. Do some research and find out her tastes, then browse our entire category of chocolate boxes and filter her preferences.


Is your best friend starting a new job? Are they celebrating a special event in their life? Whatever the occasion, show your support and appreciation.

Are you looking for a little token of your friendship? After all, you wouldn’t want to show everyone in the office… well, our Treat Yourself collection could be perfect. Here is a selection of chocolates with our popular favorite gifts: Wonder Balm and Smile Reviver. They will really feel taken care of!



As they say, friends are the family we choose for ourselves. So, whether your partner is celebrating an anniversary, engagement, or a promotion at work, show your support with a fabulous range of ethical cocoa-rich chocolates. Our Table de Chocolatier is stocked with some of our finest creations, including our chocolate sticks, macaroons and bites.

Are they vegan or dairy free? Our Vegan Sleekster is an excellent collection of premium quality milk free chocolates.

And the occasion? Each event is an opportunity for chocolate …

At Hotel Chocolat, we understand that every celebration (or commiseration) calls for something a little different. In addition to shopping by recipient, you can also browse by occasion. Take a look at our birthdays, anniversaries, and quickly find gift ideas.


There is nothing better than a birthday party. Which of our boxes of chocolates is a fantastic choice for a party? Our happy birthday chocolates, of course. This treasure contains eight of our most beloved chocolates, packaged in an elegant gift box – a delight!


Whether you are celebrating one or ten years, birthdays should be celebrated! Surprise your partner with a selection of chocolates that shows how much you love them. We think our Signature Cabinet is so wonderful as a birthday present, it’s like we made it for that purpose. Dive into this massive collection of 147 pieces together and extend the celebrations into the weeks to come.

If you think you could be better off with something a little more subdued, browse our other birthday gifts. You might even want to take a look at our hearty baskets, our experiments with cocoa and chocolate infused alcohol.

Recover quickly

If you know someone who is feeling a little uncomfortable, the perfect way to tip their eyebrows and bring joy to their day is to treat them to chocolate. Our mini box of chocolates is the perfect size to pop in the mail or take home as a pick-me-up.


Add the finishing touch to your selection box of chocolates

Found a select box of chocolates your recipient will love? To make it really special, why not present it in an elegant gift bag and add a personalized message card? Just write your note and select a gift bag during checkout and we’ll add the finishing touches. With their sophisticated ribbons, our elegant concierge boxes mean that your chocolates are ready to be offered without the need to be wrapped.

We also have free gift bags that are perfectly designed to fit our Sleeksters and H-Boxes. From “Congratulations” to “Just Thank You”, you can get your message across in style.


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