Hôtel Chocolat: Quickly receive gifts to send to your loved ones

Do you have a friend who is not feeling well? Brighten up their day with a thoughtful gift in the mail

No one likes to be sick. If you have a friend or loved one who is feeling bad, why not send them a gift? A surprise treat is a wonderful way to change the monotony of being bad.

Even a small gift of recovery can mean the world to them. After all, nothing cures a cold like a moral boost – preferably in the form of delicious chocolates. At Hotel Chocolat, we’ve made it as easy as possible to cheer up your loved one. Our Get Well Soon gifts offer a selection of delicacies to choose from, helping you find the right item to surprise them.


Receive gift ideas quickly

We all know the feeling. You are in bed, you suffer from sniffles, and you feel a little sorry for yourself. When all you want is comfort and well-being, a care kit is the perfect remedy.

Cozy cocoa

And what could be more comforting than a luxurious cup of hot chocolate made from real chocolate flakes? Treat them to some of our divine hot chocolate sachets to warm their tummies (and shells).

If they love our hot chocolates, they’ll love The Velvetiser – our specially designed hot chocolate machine. If your friend is feeling uncomfortable, they can whip up the smoothest, creamiest barista-quality cocoa with just the push of a button. Quick and easy, it gives them the opportunity to relax at home feeling really taken care of.

The inclusion of a selection box of chocolates is also a welcome gift. Whether they like milk, white, or dark chocolate, you’re sure to find a Sleekster, H-Box, or a variety of selectors to spice them up. And the best? You can choose your items online, choose an elegant gift bag, decorative box or pouch, and we’ll deliver your Good Health gifts right to your recipient’s front door. No need to worry about the queue at the post office.

A bouquet of flowers

Of course, not everyone will recover quickly, gifts have to be edible. Sometimes when we’re sick, food is the last thing we think about. But don’t worry, if your recipient has lost their appetite, there are still plenty of ways to deal with it.

If your loved one loves flowers, why not send them a vibrant bouquet? Maybe they have a favorite type of flower, or they like a particular color. If you’re not too sure, look for something bright and cheerful. Try to find a florist near your loved one’s home. They may be able to deliver the flowers right to your friend’s door for free!

And why not add a personalized message card to show that you are sending them positive thoughts?


A cocooning package

Give your loved one the gift of relaxation with a DIY treatment session. Sending a selection of sumptuous candles, shower gels and lotions will encourage them to rest mind and body, enjoying the tranquility of a spa treatment in the comfort of their home.

A scented candle or reed diffuser will gently permeate their rooms with delicious aromas and invoke a sense of calm. Our Ginger & Lemongrass Candle is ideal for boosting morale. By using natural essential oils, we believe we’ve found the perfect balance between a refreshing citrus zest and warming spices.

With the candle casting a tranquil glow, your gift can take a luxurious soak in the tub with cocoa and almond bath and body oil, and let their troubles melt away. After drying, they can pamper their skin even more with a generous application of Argan & Cocoa Body Butter.

Sometimes the skin can suffer during an illness attack, making us feel dry and worn out even after our symptoms have improved. Replenishing hydration helps fight any potential dryness and irritation on the skin – leaving your loved one feeling soft, supple and revived.

At H̫tel Chocolat, all of our beauty gifts are enriched with natural botanical ingredients to retain hydration and nourish sustainably. Inspired by the fabulous restorative atmosphere of our tropical home РSaint Lucia Рour creams, butters and balms are bursting with this feel-good factor.


Why chocolate is the perfect gift for recovery

Chocolate is not limited to white, milk or dark. We always marvel at the versatility of the high cocoa treat. It can be combined with an infinity of different ingredients and meet a variety of tastes. This means that you can tailor your selection of chocolates to your gift preferences.

In addition, a small piece of good quality cocoa rich chocolate provides a satisfying taste experience. So if they have a hard time eating, they can take advantage of the fact that a little chocolate does a lot of good. Being stuck at home can be frustrating, and having a yummy treat to wait on can help the hours pass.

Heal Soon Gifts can mean giving them a beloved old classic, but it can also give you the chance to send them something new. Some sort of truffle they may never have tasted?

If they fancy an activity, why not organize a personalized chocolate tasting at home? By sending them a box of chocolates with a wide variety of flavors, like the Everything Sleekster, they will have a multitude of aromas, tastes and textures to try. You can ask them, by virtual call or letter, to close their eyes and smell the chocolate before eating, then take small bites to fully embrace the aromas and nuanced cocoa notes.

While it may be tempting to eat it all at once, encourage them to take a small bite of the chocolate and leave it on their tongue for a few seconds.

If you don’t know which box of chocolates to send, don’t worry, we can help. Read our blog on the best chocolate to give for a few more cocoa-inspired gift ideas.

Why send Get Well gifts by mail?

Chocolate gifts in the mail are a good idea if your loved one has an infectious disease. While it is tempting to make the gesture in person, a chocolate gift in the mail is just as effective in cheering them up and not putting you at risk of catching their disease.

The sound of the doorbell or a knock on the door also adds an extra sense of anticipation – who could it be?

By sending a gift in the mail, you also have the opportunity to be even more creative with ways to surprise them. Have your box specially wrapped for an added aesthetic, or leave a handwritten note to cheer them up.


Chocolate subscription gift ideas

Is your loved one an avid chocolate taster? A chocolate letterbox gift can be exciting, but have you ever thought about giving them something completely new and exclusive? Our Invention Room subscription gives them a glimpse of our latest creations, even before they’re finalized in our own Invention Room. Add a touch of creativity to their month by letting them taste a variety of our inventions.

If you know your loved one might need a steady supply of wellness treats, a chocolate membership allows you to continue to cheer them up each month, for as long as you need them.

Or maybe you want to give them something they can hope to use when they feel better. A gift card is an easy way to put a smile on their face, giving them complete freedom to fulfill their chocolate desires once they’re on the go.

Receive Hotel Chocolat gifts soon are a lovely way to show your loved one how much you love them, why not browse our selection of chocolates, drinks and beauty products today?

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