It’s Not Too Late To Buy These 14 Wisconsin Gift Boxes

We’ve all been there. It’s Christmas Eve and you’re scrambling to find a gift for that last person on your list. Don’t worry about last minute shoppers, it’s not too late to shop for these Wisconsin gift sets, all of which are meant to make any gift happy. Best part? All the work is done and it’s in one combined package.

To gather:

Bean and cream pastry
Beans N Cream in Sun Prairie sells its gift sets in-store and online. The “Vacation Trio” ($ 40) comes with three 12-ounce bags of coffee – the Cardinal Medium Roast Blend, Roasted Prairie Earth, and Midwinters 2021 Reserve. Another seasonal offering is the Flavored Coffee Sampler. ($ 40) with three 12-ounce bags of coffee, including Vanilla Peppermint Festive “Jingle Bells” Blends. Her uniquely sourced set includes coffee blends from FTO Honduras, Ethiopia Natural, and Columbia. 1120 W. Main St., Sun Prairie

Brigadeiros boxes from Chef Lorraine Chiapim
Try one of Chef Lorraine Chiapim’s brigadeiros, a traditional Brazilian dessert, usually made with condensed milk, cocoa powder, eggs, and butter. These gooey treats are available in nut, pistachio, coconut, and nido flavors. Chiapim recommends the Belgian Chocolate Brigadeiro, a dessert commonly found at parties in Brazil. Order a box of 15 units for $ 16 or $ 28 to $ 29. Brigadeiros can also be ordered for big parties at $ 80.

The conscious carnivore
This Madison-based butcher shop prides itself on selling “grass-fed, handled humane, hormone-free and antibiotic-free meats.” It offers six different boxes prepared by hand with local meat, cheese and chocolates. The hot and smoky gift set was a huge hit, according to co-owner Bob Miller. Inside you’ll find chorizo, barbecue sauce, chili paste, extra seasonings and more. Everyone is also invited to create their own box. Miller says the DIY is especially useful for customers who want to shop for steaks or perishable items right before Christmas. Other options include Kitchen Staples Gift Box ($ 105), Hot and Smoky Gift Box ($ 100), Cheese and Sausage Gift Box ($ 85), Cheese Spread, and Braunschweiger Gift Box ( $ 80), Sweets and James Gift Box ($ 90), Bloody Mary Gift Box ($ 80), and William Marx Chocolate Gift Box ($ 30). 3236 University Avenue

Crescendo Espresso Bar + Music Café
Named after Crescendo owner’s son, Cait Sirianni, Crescendo Rudy’s holiday blend is described as “a mellow coffee with hints of plum and milk chocolate that will guide your sleigh into a good mood.” The mixture comes with two cups. Tea drinkers can enjoy a gift box containing Cha Cha tea. 1859, rue Monroe; 719 Hilldale Road

Cheese making
At Fromagination, artisanal Wisconsin cheeses are packaged for the holidays. The holiday sample gift set includes nine artisanal Wisconsin cheeses: Bandé Cheddar, Grand Cru, Wild Morel & Leek, Hook’s 5 Year Old Cheddar, Mobay, Foenegreek Gouda, Raw Goat’s Milk Cheddar, Red Rock and Pleasant Ridge Reserve. 14 West Mifflin Street

Have a nice day shop
The “Mad Maiden Shrub Tasting” gift set is for any gourmet or health-rated nut, according to Good Day Shop. The recipient of the gift will be able to create their own fruit cocktail shrub or mix the alcohol-free vinegar drink with still or sparkling water for a tasty sparkle. Good Day Shop also offers gift basket ideas. 1925 Monroe Street

Little luxuries
It’s been a weird year so everyone could use some ‘time for me’ this holiday season. Little Luxuries sells a ‘Peace and Pampering’ gift set with spa products like her eucalyptus and peppermint linen choker, whipped body butter, candles and a mindful journal. 230 State Street

Madison Chocolate Co.
For anyone with a sweet tooth, Madison Chocolate Co. 8-piece red or gold boxes can be the perfect gift. Order it online or drop by in person for an assortment of chocolates of your choice. Madison Chocolate Co. offers over eight different types of chocolates. Barista Sophia Manak recommends the mint dark chocolate truffle, vanilla blood orange and ghost pepper caramel. Sea salt caramel is also very popular. 729 Glenway Street

The TV series
The Soap Opera sells a variety of gift baskets, like the Holiday Quartet gift sets, which focus on lavender and citrus juice. There is a scent for everyone. Still, her most notable is the “de-stress” gift basket. It comes with a sachet of bergamot-lavender-chamomile scented Epsom salt, bubble bath, shower gel, lavender eucalyptus steam shower sachet, and face and body lotion . As they say, it’s time to “melt away the stress”. 319 State Street

Wollersheim cellar
This Wollersheim wine and bistro dinner kit is a special Christmas and New Year’s offer for the foodie in your life or the person who doesn’t want to cook. The meal is accompanied by a salad dressed in a lemon vinaigrette, a baguette with wine butter, two portions of duck cassoulet and two portions of log stuffed with raspberry mascarpone and chocolate buttercream icing. The best part? They won’t have anything to cook – just put it in the oven and you’re good to go. 7876 State Road, Prairie du Sac

If you’re gifting to someone who lives further away, order it online and have it delivered:

Cookies by design
Cookies by Design has a cookie gift basket for every holiday slogan, even a “Beary Ugly Sweaters” basket with cinnamon and brown sugar cookies. For same day delivery, order the Merry Christmas, Dear Santa, Christmas Snow Globes, Merry Christmask or Christmas Reindeer Roundup baskets.

Estación Columbia
Buying coffee grounds or beans at Estación Columbia Coffee is much more, and we’re not just talking about your morning cup of coffee. Supporting Estación helps 45 different families of coffee producers in Colombia. The special edition gift sets include coffee, a poster and stickers to learn about the places of origin of the coffee. You can also buy individual sachets like Jericó Specialty Coffee, a medium roast with hints of caramel.

Savory accents
The Savory Accents gift boxes will appeal to all sweet and spicy taste buds. The large gift box ($ 40) includes chili jam, cranberry chutney, chili oil, mixes and more. The small ($ 18) is served with a cranberry chutney, a mixture of 7 peppers and the hot sauce “Danger Zone”.

Wisco boxes
The WiscoBoxes ‘Cold & Frothy’ Winter Gift Set is a popular assortment of seasoned pretzels, sausage, beer lotion, beer soap and more. A red mug with a Wisconsin outline is in the “Roast” gift box. The box combines chocolate coated espresso beans, Blue Heeler coffee, Brittilicious peanut crisps and caffeine boosted chocolate chewing gum. The other gifts available are “Elegance”, “Coffee, wine, chocolate” and “Ooh, chocolate! »Boxes, with the possibility of creating your own.


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