Kinder Bueno and cafe make for extraordinary sipping


While this coffee routine can start the day, the reality is that Kinder Bueno and coffee can be the food and drink pairing that makes you sip extraordinarily. From a midday break to an after-dinner treat, the combination of flavors is to be savored.

Coffee and chocolate are always a great combination. Experimentation with coffee roasts, brewing methods and coffee drinks showcases the versatility of food and wine pairings.

The same can be said with the types of chocolate and candy. Milk, dark and even white chocolate can have different flavors highlighted depending on the drink in the glass. Yet the reality is that trying out all the options is a journey of fun.

Why taste a Kinder Bueno with coffee?

When Kinder Bueno hit the shelves of American stores, many people jumped for joy. As seen in the brand’s various advertisements, the succulent chocolate bar that combines a crispy wafer with a hazelnut cream satisfies every bite. Whether it’s the combination of chocolates or that light crunch, it’s a treat that feels indulgent yet perfect for any occasion.

According to Rosa Veliz, Senior Brand Manager for Kinder Bueno US., “Kinder Bueno continues to experience unprecedented growth since entering the US market in 2019.” This is part of the reason the brand is featured in the “ Top 10 New Food & Beverage Pacesetters 2020 by IRI ”.

How does chef Nick DiGiovanni like Kinder Bueno and coffee?

Since Kinder Bueno and coffee can be a fun food and drink pairing to explore, Chef Nick DiGiovanni made a few suggestions on the flavor combination. For DiGiovanni, it is about discovering these memorable Bueno Moments in unexpected places.

As Chef Nick DiGiovanni said: “The creamy texture and rich, sour notes of coffee pair beautifully with a creamy, chocolaty and nutty treat like Kinder Bueno, making your coffee experience more premium, leaving you with an increased sense of positivity.

While a sip and a bite doesn’t necessarily provide the answer to all questions, the reality is that these little moments can be the fun that makes the day a little more special. This beverage will never be blah again.

DiGiovanni has a few suggestions for highlighting these flavor combinations. For example, this traditional latte doesn’t have to follow the rules. If the measurements vary from the traditional 1/3 to 2/3 equilibrium, this is perfectly acceptable.

Everyone has their own favorite way to enjoy the combination. While Kinder Bueno has found its perfect balance of creamy, rich, and crunchy, the reality is it didn’t happen overnight. The journey is part of the fun.

For people who prefer iced coffee, DiGiovanni recommends that drinkers focus on ice. While he prefers just two large ice cubes, the key is to keep the brew at a strong sip. Even consider freezing coffee to make ice cubes. This option prevents the drink from being diluted.

Finally, if whipped coffee has become a favorite treat, this Kinder Bueno can be your help. The four quadrants of the candy can be a visual measurement system for the beverage. It could be the food hack that solves a variety of items. It could also be a coffee cocktail guide.

From a new combination of food and drink to rediscovering an old favorite, the reality is that Kinder Bueno and coffee are a delight every time. Isn’t it time to experience your Bueno moment?

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