Not your regular candy bars: Savor (or gift) these intriguing flavored chocolates

Chocolate isn’t limited to the basic bars that line the aisles of convenience stores. Here are five flavored treats with interesting ingredients to try.

For holiday gifts

A seasonal take on classic cookies and cream, this hot spiced milk chocolate bar is filled with chunks of brown sugar and gingerbread. Its postcard packaging also makes it easy to offer: just add a stamp.

Alicja Confections 33.6% milk chocolate gingerbread, $ 10,

For a coffee match

Coco Chocolatier cold brew coffee dark chocolate, $ 11,

Chocolate is great for snacking with a cup of coffee, and this bar offers the best of both worlds. It blends uniquely-sourced vegan dark chocolate from Colombia with roasted Edinburgh coffee to reveal hints of caramel, nuts and blood orange. Coco Chocolatier cold infused dark chocolate coffee, $ 11,

For a nutty delight

Jaggery is a sugar typically made by boiling sugar cane or date palm juice, resulting in a rich, caramelized, buttery brown flavor. It pairs well with the creamy white chocolate here, and the toasted cashews feature for the contrast in texture.

Mirzam White Chocolate with Roasted Cashews and Jaggery Sugar, $ 14,

Mirzam white chocolate with roasted cashews and jaggery sugar, $ 14,

For a floral touch

For some, the floral delights are reminiscent of grandma’s house, but for those who love flowery flavors, here is a bar to try. The candied violet petals add a crispy sweetness to the 40 percent milk chocolate, and a hint of licorice completes the flavor.

Kaitxo Milk Chocolate with Licorice and Violet, $ 12,

Liquorice and violet Kaitxo milk chocolate, $ 12,

For a citrus zest

Calamansi is a tangy citrus fruit primarily native to the Philippines, with a taste somewhere between oranges, lemons, and limes. Its radiance brightens up this rich dark chocolate for a summery flavor, even with the onset of snow in winter.

Théo & Philo 65% dark chocolate with calamansi, $ 10,

Théo & Philo 65% dark chocolate with calamansi, $ 10,

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