Online Bakery Black Cream now delivers Messina chocolate Basque cheesecakes to your doorstep


If you’re a dessert fan, you’ve probably spent much of the pandemic satisfying your sweet tooth with a little help from Gelato Messina’s long list of specialties. The chain is clearly known for its ice cream scoops, but it also likes to rub shoulders with Iced VoVo cakes, cookie pies and sticky rolls, among other dishes. However, if you can’t wait to try her latest treat, you’ll need to place an order with Black Cream online bakery.

Messina now manufactures its own couverture chocolate, so Black Cream is implementing it in its new Basque Messina chocolate cheesecakes. There’s no gelato in sight, but if you order one of these beauties, which has been dubbed “The Black”, you’ll be able to sink your teeth into a cheesecake made with Messina’s 65% dark chocolate. .

Don’t like chocolates? This is obviously not for you. Do you like chocolate more than most things? So we’ve just found your next excuse to treat your taste buds. The Black costs $ 65, with the 18-inch cheesecake designed to serve between six and eight people – and, considering the time of year, it screams the holiday season.

“We only use the finest Australian ingredients in all of our cheesecakes. Messina chocolate brought a bold wealth of flavor to our cakes. There was no choice but to create Messina Chocolate Basque cheesecake,” explains Ant Sandler and Lucie Bertiau from Black Cream.

When they started their cheesecake business in 2020, the couple actually took inspiration from Messina. And, after visiting the headquarters in Messina, they were inspired to start experimenting with its couverture chocolate in their cheesecakes.

Considering the bakery’s online setup, Sydneysiders can also have The Black delivered to their doors. You need to order at least two days in advance, so take this into account if your stomach is growling now.

To order the Basque Messina chocolate cheesecakes from Black Cream, go to the online bakery website.

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Sarah ward


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