Ree Drummond’s 3 Ingredient Chocolate Cake Recipe Includes A “Miracle” Hack


Can you make a cake with just three ingredients? The pioneer woman Star Ree Drummond has the perfect chocolate cake recipe that uses an easy store-bought shortcut to the simplest cake. It’s so quick to make, Drummond asked, “Why have I spent all this time in my life baking cakes from scratch when I could?”

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Ree Drummond’s 3 Ingredient Chocolate Cake Uses a ‘Miracle’ Baking Tip

Drummond demonstrated how to make his three-ingredient chocolate cake recipe in an episode of The pioneer woman and she had a simple trick to replacing the flour and sugar used in a typical cake batter. Drummond used hard chocolate cookies which she put in a food processor and crushed into fine crumbs.

“You just want to buy chocolate cookies that are very, very hard and crisp,” she advised. “So you don’t want to buy the ones with the cream filling because that will make them too wet. You just want really dry and crispy chocolate cookies.

The pioneer woman star poured the cookies into a food processor and crushed them to crumbs, then added baking powder to the feed tube and combined the two ingredients. “So basically store-bought cookies are flour, cocoa, and sugar – so you kind of took care of those ingredients there,” Drummond explained.

She noted, “It’s a really cool recipe and it kind of popped up on the internet here and there. But it’s pretty much a miracle how it all comes together to make a cake. I mean, gone are the days of mixing eggs, buttermilk, and vanilla. Just buy yourself some chocolate cookies and you are golden.

Drummond poured two cups of milk down the tube while pulsing the food processor and asked a very important question: “Why have I spent all this time in my life baking cakes out of thin air when I could.” ? “

‘The Pioneer Woman’ makes a simple 2-ingredient frosting and adds a colorful topping

Drummond poured the cake batter into a pan sprayed with cooking spray and lined with parchment paper, then baked in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for 20 to 22 minutes. She allowed the cake to cool completely before removing it from the pan and made a “simple frosting,” a combination of powdered sugar and whole milk.

The pioneer woman star pointed out how perfect the dessert is “if you need a last minute birthday cake… you can just crumble cookies, put a cake in the oven in about five minutes, then make a very simple frosting” , Explain.

After spreading the frosting on top of the cake, Drummond added an easy decoration: nuggets! “It’s what you call a cake in minutes,” she said, pointing to her colorful, semi-homemade cake.

The full recipe is available on the Food Network website.

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