SMOOR chocolate brand enters India’s cultural capital

SMOOR, one of the leading luxury chocolate brands based in Bengaluru, has revealed plans to launch exclusive outlets in Chennai.

A brand that creates the ultimate experience of indulgence with couverture chocolates will enter the ultimate gateway to the rest of South India.

The city’s first SMOOR store will open its first boutique on October 23, with a full line of unique and delicious chocolates, cakes, pastries and macaroons available in a bouquet of flavors on

At present, SMOOR is focused on entering the Chennai market through the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) model and is expanding its presence by opening offline stores in the near future. Dessert lovers of the culturally rich city of Chennai will be able to taste the unparalleled delicious experience of real chocolate and dessert that SMOOR has to offer.

With a repeat purchase of 30-35% in all of its markets, SMOOR is expected to replicate this success with its launch in Chennai. With the eventual launch of its offline stores in the city, the brand expects to record sales of Rs 2 crore in 3-4 months. SMOOR’s expansion into the Chennai market will also lead to significant job creation in the region. The brand will integrate local talent across all areas of customer service and operations, as well as chocolate and pastry chefs.

Vimal Sharma, Founder and CEO of SMOOR said: “We have always received rave reviews from the locals of Chennai who visit our outlets in Bangalore. We also regularly receive several inquiries from people wishing to expand our services in Chennai, as they want to experience SMOOR in their own cities. Needless to say, we couldn’t be more excited to finally launch the beautiful city of Chennai. We will deliver the best of our product portfolio and believe our customers will not only revel in the delight of our unique offerings, but our sublime customer service as well.

Chocolates are increasingly becoming a favorite snack item. In fact, studies have shown that dark chocolate with no added sugar or additives is indeed a healthy treat.

Whether it’s office conferences, long and tedious meetings, or just a healthy snack, SMOOR offers a variety of tasty snack chocolates for consumers to take away depending on the occasion. From now on, this amazing experience will be readily available to the residents of Chennai.

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