The best Christmas fruit cake and Greek cookies to die for in Singapore

When each major holiday season changes, some of us get in the mood and start looking for the holy grail of our favorite dish or treat. For those of you who love fruit cake, like me, every Christmas involves placing multiple orders to find one. Most of the time, they are either too sweet, too dry, too dense, too forgettable …

Last year, I found it – the best Christmas fruit cake in town – in an unexpected place, far from the festive frenzy: Capella Singapore in Sentosa. It was a gift from the resort, and in the traditional decadent fruitcake presentation style, it was nicely decorated with frozen fruit.

Capella Singapore Fruit Cake

Surprisingly, despite the syrupy appearance of the icing, it had the right amount of sweetness and wasn’t cloying. The texture and density of the cake was just perfect, as was the amount of fruit in it. Although it was kept in my fridge for days, it did not dry out. It was glorious and worth every calorie. Everyone I fed him said so.

The man in charge was Georgios Anachorlis, executive pastry chef of Capella Singapore. Last month, I remembered her talent when tasting the hotel’s Christmas Eve dinner menu at The Knolls restaurant, where I was treated to the dreamy White Forest Cake, made with white chocolate crémeux. , sour cherry stew, Spanish almond cake and coconut ice cream. cream. Even all of the festive take-out treats I was given to take home were hits (they beat some of the most picky eaters I know, even the ones who were supposed to avoid sugar).

Chef Georgios Anachorlis

A particularly noteworthy element of Capella On Wheel’s festive offerings this year is the exotic and fabulous Melomakarona – traditional Greek Christmas cookies. Made with festive spices and a slightly grainy texture, these cookies taste more like a cake because they’ve been dipped in honey syrup. Simple but addicting, sweet but no one complains. Anyone with a sweet tooth should try it.

Chef George’s Mince Pies, chocolates and cookies are also wonderful – they all have the right amount of sweetness and the balance of flavors. The Fruit Cake is not available as an individual order item, but is part of a festive basket called Sharing Moments.

For my family’s Christmas Eve at home this year, I decided to buy the desserts from Capella Singapore, especially since I don’t think I can resist the English Christmas Pudding with Dried Fruits and Sauce. with brandy. I can’t wait to rediscover Chef George’s creations, but before that, I wanted to learn more about the pastry chef. Here is the presentation of the man who only moved to Singapore for a year but who is already our city’s best kept (sweet) secret.

Tell us about your love of food and desserts?

I was born in Greece, and in Greek culture food is more than just a livelihood; it’s about culture, family and celebrating life around the table with your loved ones. If you grow up in Greece, you grow up with your mom and grandmother chasing you around the house with a spoon. My childhood memories are full of the aromas and flavors of the dishes that my grandmother, Kalliopi, cooked with me while helping her. This is how my love and passion for food began.

What made you decide to bake?

When I joined culinary college, I was barely 14 – the youngest of my 200 classmates. And during my first cooking class, I already knew that my destiny was to be a chef. Later, during my studies, I realized that baking involved a lot more creativity and science than cooking, and it was actually the path that I finally fell in love with. Since then, I never thought of baking as my job or my career. It’s my hobby, my lifestyle and just something that makes me happy.

How are you in Singapore?

I started my career in Greece, then moved to Dubai where I worked for seven years as a pastry chef. Dubai is a very multicultural place and I was fascinated by Asian culture while interacting with my colleagues. I would say Asian culture has many similarities with Greek culture. The people are polite, respectful to each other and family oriented. A year ago I had the opportunity to join Capella Singapore and it was a very easy decision as Singapore was a destination that I would love to explore and be a part of.

Why did you decide to introduce a traditional Greek pastry on the Christmas menu?

Melomakarona is the most traditional Greek dessert at Christmas. It’s a part of my childhood memories and I still hear my grandmother’s voice while cooking. By bringing this dessert to this part of the world, I feel like I’m sharing my culture and creating new memories around this dish.


What are your signatures, or what do you like to do the most?

It’s hard to pick a particular dessert or category of pastries as my favorite. It’s almost like a parent who loves and cherishes their children equally. However, I really like the Mediterranean and French desserts. Fresh seasonal fruits, Greek yogurt and chocolate are ingredients that I love to use and create dishes for my friends and guests.

What more can we expect from you for the festivities to come?

During Valentine’s Day, we plan to spread the love around our restaurants with a chocolate dessert. The most famous “sweet couple” of all time is the combination of strawberry and chocolate, and these will be key ingredients on next year’s Valentine’s Day menus. Flavors of champagne and hazelnut will accompany the milk chocolate and wild strawberries to create the special dish for the occasion.

Visit the Capella Singapore website for more information.

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