The best new products worthy of the attention of retailers and consumers

Each year, Progressive Grocer editors come together to review the hundreds of products sent to us for review as part of our Editors’ Picks program. Although our legendary marathon sampling sessions are now a thing of the past – thanks not only to a global pandemic, but also to geographically distant staff that would make planning such an in-person event a logistical headache – we take always take our duties as product reviewers seriously.

To that end, we carefully scour submissions and evaluate featured products based on innovation, functionality, value, and packaging design. Like every year, we’ve come across many wonderful items released over the past 12 months, with the daunting task of choosing the products that we believe excel in these areas. The 82 products below, selected from over 200 submissions, are the ones that ticked all the boxes for us.

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Trend-wise, plant-based and other items positioned as better for you are still going strong, with a particular focus on healthy indulgences, as shoppers are increasingly unwilling to sacrifice taste for nutrition. . Private label also performed respectably once again, with several products being the first private label entry into a particular segment, offering quality on par with their branded counterparts, but at a great price. Additional attributes that often appear among successful entries are clean, low carb/keto, organic, natural and sustainable, the latter descriptor aimed at appealing to consumers’ growing desire to improve the state of the planet as well as their physical health. .

While not every submission becomes an Editors’ Choice, we are always grateful to everyone who submitted their products and let us learn more about the wide range of great items available at the grocery store – many of which we have look forward to searching on store shelves. After all, we are not only publishers, but also dedicated grocers, an all-consuming hobby – or is it a calling? – which we also suspect is shared by many of our readers.

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