Travel Bites: Seaview Takeaways, Lyall Bay – The humble shop with New Zealand’s best chicken burger


The regular chicken burger at Seaview Takeaways, Lyall Bay.

Alan Granville / Tips

The regular chicken burger at Seaview Takeaways, Lyall Bay.

Natural wonders, man-made monuments and cultural experiences are usually the main points of interest when venturing beyond borders and leaping over oceans. For some, it’s the local specialties that pop up like Michelangelo’s David and that are worth it.

France has its fries, Belgium has its cookies, and Australia has its dark brown yeast spread, but in this series we will be highlighting foods that are worth traveling to New Zealand. Stamp these culinary delights on your passport – but don’t expect pineapple-flavored chunks.

There are thousands of unpretentious takeaways in New Zealand. They are in every ‘suburb, village or seaside location. Handing out loads of fish, chips, pies and other fried goodies to everyone from surfers to costumes.

It is the miracle solution that, in moderation, can be tasted like a devilish treat.

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It was in one of those humble shops that I stumbled upon what I consider to be the best chicken burger in the country – Seaview Takeaways in sunny Lyall Bay, Wellington.

Like many Kiwis across the country, I enjoy a good, cracking chicken burger. Not quite to the point of queuing for hours for a Double Down, but also, not that far either. We know New Zealanders love the crispy, oily goodness of ole heihei – after all, it was used as an incentive to get us stung on the recent Super Saturday.

And while I enjoy the products of this three-letter chain, as well as the gourmet options of Burger Wellington with all its blackened chili mayo razzmatazz, I found my chicken nirvana just around the corner from my house. Practice!

Seaview Takeaways stands proudly opposite Lyall Parade Beach, directly across from the illustrious Maranui Cafe. The chunky blue building covered in TipTop advertisements has been in the family for 30 years, and the illuminated menu offers everything from chow mein to corn fritters, and of course, the all-important chicken burger.

The first thing to note about the burger is its size, it’s quite huge – it’s good value for money. Owner Vicky Shen has kept her method simple throughout all these years here. The chicken is tenderized and marinated in a family recipe, then breaded and fried until crisp. And that’s about it, simplicity at its best.

It’s finished in a sesame seed burger bun with lettuce, coleslaw, onion, and heaps of creamy mayo.

Seaview Takeaways is located in the Wellington suburb of Lyall Bay.

Alan Granville / Tips

Seaview Takeaways is located in the Wellington suburb of Lyall Bay.

The burger is pretty deceiving too. It may sound like something “heavy” to eat, but it is, in fact, exceptionally light and melt in your mouth. It doesn’t look like a greased neck – it’s trickier than that. It is also exceptionally more gourmet. After munching on the overhanging chicken hanging down either side of the bun, that first taste of chicken, bun, and mayo combined is a crispy succulence.

Seaview has plenty of other highlights on the menu, the beef burger is a must-try too, and the lineups on weekends show that I’m not the only lover of their product. We should be encouraging all the other Seaview-style chips across the country. You humble, unpretentious, satisfied with envy.

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Where to eat: Seaview Takeaways is located at 92 Lyall Parade, Lyall Bay. The chicken burger costs $ 9. See:

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