Who? Analyzes examine which jar of chocolate is better from Celebrations, Heroes, Quality Street and Roses

Who? published an analysis of the four most popular chocolate jars to reveal which ones will come out the best this Christmas in terms of variety and value.

Consumer champions to whom? took a look at four of the most popular Christmas chocolate boxes – Celebrations, Heroes, Quality Street, and Roses – to see what they offer.

They selected the most popular boxes of chocolate sold in all the major supermarkets and bought three jars of 600g to 650g each.

From there, they counted each type of chocolate and then found the average amount for each chocolate in a jar.

Of all the chocolate boxes, Celebrations is the least varied, containing only eight different types of chocolate.

Medium pot: 12 Milkyway, 12 Snickers, 11 March, 8 Bounty, 8 Malteaser, 7 Twix, 6 Galaxy, 6 Galaxy Caramel

In a jar of Cadbury’s Heroes, Fudge and Caramel addicts will be delighted with a jar of Heroes with an average of nine Eclairs and nine Fudges Which? find.

The medium jar contains 9 Fudge, 9 Eclairs, 8 Creme Egg Twists, 8 Dinky Decker, 7 Crunchies, 7 Dairy Milk, 7 Dairy Milk Caramel, 5 Wispa, 5 Twirl.

Quality Street also has the most variety in its pot, with 11 different types of chocolate although a bit heavily weighted on Pink Fudges with nine on average,

Medium pot: 9 Fudges, 8 Caramel Swirls, 7 Orange Cremes, 7 Toffee Fingers, 7 Strawberry Delights, 6 Toffee Pennys, 5 Purple Ones, 5 Coco Eclairs, 5 Milk Chocolate Blocks, 4 Green Chocolate Triangles, 4 Orange Chocolate Crunchies

Researchers Found Nine Dairy Milks in an Average Pot of Roses? Here’s what else in a jar, 8 barrels of gold, 8 sour orange creams, 7 hazelnut swirls, 7 strawberry dreams, 6 caramel hazelnuts, 4 country fondants, 4 signature truffles, 4 caramels.

One who? The spokesperson said: “A box of chocolates on the sofa and a Christmas movie or two on TV have become a festive tradition for many families across the UK around Christmas time.”

“But which box of chocolates gives you the most bang for your buck and which has the best selection?” “

“We took a look at four of the most popular Christmas chocolate boxes – Celebrations, Heroes, Quality Street, and Roses – to see what they offer.”

“Our results show that there is very rarely an even distribution of chocolates in a tub.”

“You will probably be disappointed if you are a fan of Quality Street’s green triangles or Celebration’s Galaxy Caramels.”

Which box of chocolates has the best value for money?

All pictures Which one?

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